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Our ready-to-press sublimation transfers for Tumblers & Mugs are the perfect solution for adding stunning designs to your favorite drinkware. These high-quality transfers are specifically designed to be pressed onto Tumblers & Mugs, offering you a convenient and efficient way to create personalized and eye-catching products.

Our transfers are optimized for use with light-colored items, ensuring vibrant and vivid designs that truly stand out. However, it is crucial to ensure that the products you are using are suitable for sublimation. We highly recommend following the sublimation blanks recommendations provided by your vendor to achieve the best results.

The versatility of our sublimation transfers allows you to use them with any mug press, conventional oven, or mug wrap. Whether you have a dedicated mug press, a standard oven, or a reliable mug wrap, our transfers are compatible with various heat application methods. This flexibility ensures that you can easily integrate our transfers into your existing production setup.

With our ready-to-press transfers, you can unleash your creativity and produce professional-looking Tumblers & Mugs with ease. Simply follow the instructions provided with the transfers and your chosen heat application equipment to achieve exceptional results every time.

Experience the joy of personalized drinkware by utilizing our sublimation transfers for Tumblers & Mugs. Elevate your crafting or business endeavors with vibrant, long-lasting designs that are sure to impress.



PLEASE NOTE that prints will be mirrored and will appear dull until heat is applied.

Save transfer silhouette below to sublimate on glitter HTV


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